In the memories of many people, the story "I go to school" and the image of a boy with a small brick in his toes practicing writing on the field are included in the pages of textbooks that are familiar to many generations of Vietnamese students. That boy is outstanding teacher Nguyen Ngoc Ky.

Right from childhood, fate did not smile on Teacher Nguyen Ngoc Ky the way he always smiled at everyone. When he was 4 years old, one late winter night, little boy Nguyen Ngoc Ky fell seriously ill while hiding in a bomb shelter. After days of fever and lethargy, he woke up but his arms could no longer move and were like "two heavy lumps of flesh hanging on both sides of his body". After being sick, but his arms were paralyzed, little Ky was extremely sad because he could no longer play as usual. At the age of 7, when popular education classes were opened throughout the villages, his peers were able to go to literacy classes, and there was no one left to play with him. Many times he was so upset and upset that he cried when he sat in the house and heard his friends outside chirping and inviting each other to go to class. Finally, he boldly went to the classroom himself, hid outside the classroom door to listen to the teacher lecture, secretly looked at his classmates and spelled along. One time, while watching, because he was so engrossed in listening to the lecture, he walked into the classroom without even realizing it. It was only when the teacher walked up to him and kindly asked him, that he suddenly woke up and burst into tears. When she knew he intended to enroll, she raised his hands, her eyes full of love. Back home, when he heard his friends tell him what happened in class, his father advised him to stay home with the reason "how can you study with your hands like that!". He sulked and stubbornly shook his head in refusal. But fortunately, the next morning, his dream came true. Teacher Cuong - the class teacher - came to his house and asked his father to let him go to school. From that day on, he happily went to school every day like many of his friends. The only thing is, he goes to school and never writes, only listens.

The story of Teacher Nguyen Ngoc Ky's Magical Feet has become familiar in the memories of many students

Not being able to use both hands was a huge disadvantage for him, but young Nguyen Ngoc Ky was determined not to give up, turning the impossible into possible. He did not accept to surrender to fate or rely on others, but with his own strength, he tried to practice, refusing everyone's help so that he could do everything on his own. Little Ky started practicing writing with his feet, to fulfill his dream of going to school and integrating with his peers. When he looked at the lines drawn by the cuckoo's beak on the leaves, he immediately thought of using his mouth to write. Losing this glue, he presented another glue. When he saw chickens scratching the ground looking for food, he suddenly had the idea of ​​writing with his feet. The first time learning to write was like torture for Nguyen Ngoc Ky. He diligently wrote and rewrote until he could get it right. After 2 years of practice, little Ky gradually got used to writing with his feet. At the age of 9, he started studying in 1st grade (according to the previous 10-year education program in the North). That journey is portrayed by teacher Nguyen Ngoc Ky in his memoir "I go to school".

The feet have become the magical "hands" of little boy Nguyen Ngoc Ky. He graduated from the Faculty of Literature - General University and became a good teacher in his hometown. Source: War Remnants Museum.

In middle school, young Nguyen Ngoc Ky dreamed of studying well in Math. Math is not simply arithmetic but also includes geometry with drawings and horizontal and vertical lines that require authenticity. Writing is difficult, using math tools is even more difficult. It seems that being in difficult circumstances helps him persevere even more. He still practices writing and drawing constantly. His feet have become arms that not only help him hold a pen but also hold scissors and knives for crafts, making bird cages... Thanks to that effort, Nguyen Ngoc Ky studies very well. In 7th grade, he participated in the national math excellent student exam and ranked 5th, receiving a badge from President Ho Chi Minh for his achievements in overcoming difficulties and studying well. During the period from elementary school to high school, student Nguyen Ngoc Ky was always recognized as a good student, achieving many high academic achievements. After graduating from high school, following the encouragement of his friends, he chose to study Literature. During his four years at university, even though his illness always threatened his life, the student still worked hard to study.

In 1970, Nguyen Ngoc Ky graduated from the Faculty of Literature at Hanoi University, determined to return to his hometown of Hai Hau to become a teacher following the advice of the late Prime Minister Pham Van Dong. Besides his work as a teacher, Teacher Nguyen Ngoc Ky is also a special writer who was respectfully admitted as a member by the Vietnam Writers Association. Later, his life and writing practice were included in the pages of Primary School Textbooks, Vietnamese, by the Ministry of Education and Training. 

Throughout his life, Teacher Nguyen Ngoc Ky has inspired many generations of students. Even when unfortunately suffering from kidney failure, he was still strong-willed, both fighting the disease and actively participating in classes. exchange to inspire students, and at the same time compose many highly educational works. Teacher Ky has released many works that have left a lasting impression such as memoirs: "I go to school", "I go to university", "I go to teach", "My heart gives life". Teacher Ky also composed 1,500 riddle poems and riddle poems printed into 16 volumes. Along with that, the publication of books on Education with passionate issues for the country's education system… It can be said that he used his feet to write the fate of his life, a life worth living, worthy of respect and gratitude. He is also a role model for young people to follow and for generations in the education sector, he is a clear example that no matter whether a society is prosperous or failing, in any place or under any circumstances, the important role of The teacher never changes.

After 35 years of commitment to education, Teacher Nguyen Ngoc Ky received the title of "Outstanding Teacher" and is also a member of the Vietnam Writers Association. At the age of 58, Teacher Ky was also awarded the title "The first teacher in Vietnam to use his feet to write" by the Vietnam Record Book Center.

Outstanding Teacher Nguyen Ngoc Ky has strived not only to find a fire of faith to survive, but also to inspire many others to rise up in life. At the age of 60, he became a troubleshooting psychological consultant and an inspirational speaker, inspiring the younger generation in schools and youth cultural centers.

Outstanding teacher Nguyen Ngoc Ky interacted at the War Remnants Museum on December 28, 2012. Source: War Remnants Museum

On December 28, 2012, distinguished teacher Nguyen Ngoc Ky had an exchange session at the War Remnants Museum. Up to now, the image of Teacher Nguyen Ngoc Ky in the thematic exhibition "Children in wartime" has been introduced many times by the War Remnants Museum to the public at home and abroad, especially the young generation for its vitality. The great strength, bravery, energy and will of Vietnamese children during the war, and the image of teacher Nguyen Ngoc Ky has become a shining example of the will to overcome fate to become a capable person. The benefits to society will forever remain in our memories.