Nguyễn Hồng Lợi, a victim of Agent Orange/dioxin, was born without legs and with a deformed right arm. With great fortitude, he was determined to pursue his dream of becoming a HCMC swimming athlete. He has been taking part in various national and international sports competitions for athletes with disabilities, winning a lot of gold, silver and bronze medals.

Lợi is known as a "legless strong swimmer" who has delivered polished performances in swimming races. He is also an actor and an Áo dài painter who was an exemplary student of the Vietnamese famous fashion designer Sĩ Hoàng. His romantic love with another designer - Phan Thị Tường Nghĩa is another inspiring story. Looking into his eyes, one can see a strong determination and a warm heart.

War victims who have risen above life's difficulties such as former political prisoner Huỳnh Thị Kiều Thu, victim of UXO Hồ Văn Lai and victim of Agent Orange/dioxin Nguyễn Hồng Lợi are really shining examples of will and fortitude for today's younger generations.