During the resistance war for national independence, the Vietnamese people received unanimous support from people of peace-loving countries around the world. The American people and American soldiers have made many contributions and helped Vietnam. Today that good relationship continues to be maintained and developed in all fields: politics, economics, education, culture...

In order to effectively promote the friendly relationship between Vietnam and the US in recent times, the War Remnants Museum coordinated with the Union of Friendship Organizations in Ho Chi Minh City and the City Peace and Development Fund. HCM exhibition thematic "The wave of protest against America's unjust war in Vietnam". The exhibition helps Vietnamese people and international tourists understand more about the forms of anti-war activities of soldiers. and American veterans protesting the US war in Vietnam. This is an opportunity for cultural exchanges and exchanges between progressive peace activists, veterans and the people of the two countries associated with reconciliation and reconciliation. integrating and overcoming the consequences of war, contributing to promoting and developing comprehensive relations and cooperation between the two countries. At the same time, this is also a message for the public and international friends to deeply feel the friendship. and good relations between Vietnam and the United States.

The exhibition has more than 100 images and documents, some of which are published for the first time in Vietnam. The exhibition is open to visitors from March 19, 2018 - April 15, 2018.

On August 26, 1969, the headline on the home page of the Daily News (the newspaper with the largest number of readers in New York) mentioned the first case of mass disobedience in Vietnam. Captain Eugene Shurtz asked the last 60 punished soldiers in Company A, 3rd Battalion, 196th Infantry to participate in a dangerous mission. They refused to carry out orders.




Tờ báo FTA được xuất bản bởi các binh sĩ đóng quân tại Fort Knox, Kentucky