Nearly 90 Pham Ngoc Thach University of Medicine students divided themselves into 12 groups this morning (November 5, 2022) for their post-visit activity at the War Remnants Museum. Their job was to draw or paint pictures conveying peace messages. The topics they chose for their works were the museum's four permanent exhibitions, namely "Requiem," "Vietnam - War and Peace," "Agent Orange Effects," and "Imprisonment System during the Vietnam War".

"A war that does not bring peace and, beyond that, friendship, is senseless. We [The Vietnamese] made efforts to win the war for nothing but peace, friendship, and the benefits of both our people and the people of the countries that waged war against us," said Group 10.

Hopefully, the War Remnants Museum is always a familiar venue for extracurricular activities for students at all levels, inside and outside Ho Chi Minh City.