Referring to the beauty of Vietnamese women is referring to their beauty in the ao dai - the national soul ao dai, the national essence of the nation. The graceful ao dai has exalted the gentle and elegant beauty of Vietnamese women. But not only that, Vietnamese women in ao dai also represent the beauty of traditional culture, history of struggle, building a peaceful, independent, unified and developed country.

It is impossible to forget the image of the grandmothers, mothers, aunts and sisters in Ao Dai who participated in the movement against the senseless war of the US and the Saigon government all over the world. fronts: from the street to the demonstration, the lockout; participate in seminars, conferences, negotiation tables; or directly participate in combat, burn American tanks... Until peace is restored and the country is unified, the image of Vietnamese women in ao dai has always been the pride of the country. great contributions in the process of building a growing country, standing shoulder to shoulder with international friends in five continents.

In the context of the Covid-19 outbreak in recent months, the image of Vietnamese women in ao dai has appeared less, but instead is their image in protective clothing. Certainly in those tight, baggy protective suits, working in a raging epidemic situation, hot weather, the protective suit cannot bring the gentle and graceful beauty as usual. in the shirt. However, a deep beauty still exudes in those women even in protective suits.

That is the beauty of love, the heart of sharing and above all, the beauty of a sense of responsibility to the country, to the community, to the people - a traditional beauty of Vietnamese women. Throughout the country's historical process, especially during periods when the country has faced many difficulties, Vietnamese women have made enormous contributions to helping the country overcome challenges.

Currently, in extremely difficult and dangerous circumstances when facing epidemics, Vietnamese women from cities to rural areas; from female doctors and nurses to female students who are still in school, from office women to a large number of women working in many different professions and fields... They are all ready put on a protective suit, actively participate in epidemic prevention and control with a variety of roles, from frontline workers, directly involved in the care, examination and treatment of patients, tracing or supporting testing for a large number of people, etc. to participating in social work, transporting food, supplies and many other logistical support activities for people in areas isolation, blockade areas, difficult areas or blockade checkpoints.

It is these images that have become clear proofs that no matter what shirt they wear, the good qualities of Vietnamese women always shine. On the occasion of Vietnamese Women's Day 20/10, let's honor that beauty of Vietnamese women, our mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters and brothers.

And let's also expect that one day not far away, the epidemic will be pushed back and life will return to normal. At that time, the protective shirts will be taken off after completing the mission and the Ao Dai will accompany Vietnamese women in better days!