The outbreak of COVID-19 happened at the beginning of 2020 has seriously affected all aspects of lives such as work, school, healthcare, and services. Everything must be adjusted to suit with the “new normal stage” to ensure the safety for the community and proactively prevent health risks to ensure the stability amidst the socio-economic fluctuations. The War Remnants Museum’s activities were no exception to this rule.

As a financially autonomous unit, after a temporary shutdown during the “social distancing” in early 2020, the War Remnants Museum had to develop a re-open plan to welcome visitors and allow employees to go to work with two following priorities: ensuring the safety and the increasingly attractive contents to attract visitors in order to fulfill the “dual goal” in the condition of very few international tourists. The museum has determined to prioritize using technology to gradually supplement and adjust the display contents for visitors.

It posed the problem: when the revenue sharply decreased as a result of the stagnation of the tourism industry in general, and the Museum visitors declined in particular, which technology that is both economical and effective should be used? The War Remnants Museum partially solved this problem by collaborating with Tung Viet Communication company – a solutions provider for advertising and display technology, who had had experience in projects of many museums.

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