For some people, the concept of "epidemic" can bring a feeling of fear and anxiety, but for many young people with a spirit of volunteerism and a desire to contribute, "translation center" is a place for them to live, find each other and write up the romance story of their lives. Those love stories often start out quite shy, timid but later become more and more deep and burning. They - the silent warriors on the front lines of the fight against the epidemic have been charmed in special circumstances.

In those days of pain and loss, in places where the epidemic is hot, there is always optimism and hope. The stories of the soldier's love in the heart of the epidemic are a vivid proof of that. There is nothing happier than fighting the pandemic with the mission of the heart mixed with love. What happiness is there when the love for the motherland combined with kindness and charity has become a catalyst for the mutual affection of  both sides. The love of the soldier during the epidemic also began like that.

The soldiers' sacrifices for the peace and happiness of the country and the people, regardless of the time, are always beautiful stories worth conveying and cherishing. Therefore, the War Remnants Museum has built the traveling exhibition "Today's Soldier" as a tribute to the soldiers who have been quietly putting their personal feelings or wishes together. their daily life to the back, so that people can live a peaceful and happy life.