The 100 photographs, 145 documents and artifacts on display in this exhibition illustrate the solidarity and support of people around the world, including Americans, in the Vietnamese struggle against foreign forces.

Visitors can see rallies and conferences of people from all continents showing their protest against U.S. aggression in Vietnam, and their support for the Vietnamese just war. Ties of friendship with Vietnamese people can be seen worldwide via posters, banners, flags, leaflets and other items by individuals and organizations. Furthermore, exhibits also include remembrances donated by former U.S. Vietnam veterans, reflecting their respect for the Vietnamese, as well as their regret for having participated in this unjust war.

“We would like to thank the communist parties and the working class of the countries in the world, national liberation movements, nationalist countries, peace-loving countries, international democratic organizations, and progressive human beings, for their whole-hearted support, and strong encouragement to our people’s patriotic resistance against the U.S., for national salvation."

(Excerpted from the political report of the Central Executive Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam at the 4th National Representatives Conference in December 1976).



Citizens of the Soviet capital of Moscow take part in a rally in support of Vietnam’s struggle against the U.S., February 8, 1965.