From December 27, 2021, City Reading Culture Festival. Ho Chi Minh City - the most anticipated & meaningful event of the year - will return with the theme of KNOWLEDGE JOURNEY - BURNING THE FUTURE. The wonderful combination of reality and virtual space for the first time in Vietnam helps connect book lovers and avid readers, helping to spread the reading culture to everyone.

Time: will be opened from 9:00 am on December 27, 2021, and will last until January 5, 2022.

Form: online at (starting from December 27, 2021)

 Audience: All readers and people anywhere can still experience the entire space of the Festival on a virtual reality online platform with large areas such as:

- The space of the General Science Library of Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City and some typical libraries in the city.

- A place to introduce activities, spaces, and technology to serve readers and book lovers; publisher space - bookstore, City book street: introduce some typical publishing houses, bookstores and reading spaces of the City.

- City Theater, learn about the types of art performances that are the strength of the city, information on the website of typical theaters and art units of Ho Chi Minh City.

- Ho Chi Minh City sports area: you can watch and learn about the development of sport in the city, typical athletes and sports figures.

- Cultural heritage area: introducing a number of unique and typical monuments, architectures and cultural heritages in the city.

- Smart e-library booth: an introduction to the smart electronic library model that will be widely deployed in the city to serve readers and book lovers.

In particular, in each area, there will be detailed and dedicated program hosts using artificial intelligence (AI) technology... to help everyone have the best experience.

Join us in the Ho Chi Minh City Reading Culture Festival 2021 which will take place from 9am on December 27, 2021 !!!!