Exhibition "Children of the Wartime" at Nguyen Truong To Primary School


   This morning, on November 16, the War Remnants Museum conducted a travelling exhibition titled "Children of the Wartime" at Nguyen Truong To Primary School (District 4, HCMC).


   Thanks to this exhibition, teachers and students understand more about the difficulties that so many children faced in the war. Being aware of the hardship children once faced has meant that children now can love and respect their life more. Besides, people can see clearly their responsibility to protect the future generations of the country; thereby educating the audience on the national patriotic tradition, pride, and encouraging them to take effort to properly perform the tasks of teaching and learning, and contributing effort and intelligence in national defense and peace protection.


   Currently, the museum has a variety of travelling exhibitions which carry various education messages. Contact us and we will bring our exhibitions to your institutions.





  Date 16/11/2020  


  Exhibition "Children of the Wartime" at Nguyen Truong To Primary School (16/11/2020)

  A travelling museum (30/09/2020)

  Travelling exhibition is one of the regular peace education programs implemented by the War Remnants Museum. (21/09/2020)


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