The Paris Agreement on Vietnam - the Door to Peace

After nearly five years of negotiations (May 13, 1968 - January 27, 1973), with over 200 public sessions, 24 high-level private meetings, 500 press conferences and 1,000 interviews, the Agreement on Ending the War and Restoring Peace in Vietnam was officially signed in the French capital of Paris on January 27, 1973. It was not only an important event in the struggle for liberation of the South and unification of the Vietnamese nation but also a historic milestone in international relations.



The War Remnants Museum in collaboration with the National Archives of Vietnam - National Archives Center No II launched a special exhibition entitled “The Paris Agreement on Vietnam - the Door to Peace.” With more than 120 photos and documents, the exhibition introduces to the public the difficult, long-term and comprehensive struggle of the Vietnamese in the process of negotiating, signing and implementing the Paris Agreement in order to seek peace, independence and freedom for the country.


The special exhibition runs from August 31, 2018 until February 28, 2019.
  Date 30/08/2018  


  Special exhibition entitled "Waging Peace - U.S. Soldiers and Veterans Who Opposed America’s War in Viet Nam (04/06/2020)


  Stories from a Pentax Honeywell H3 Camera (15/07/2019)


  Exhibition titled ‘Stories from a Camera’ to open at War Remnants Museum on July 9, marking Argentina’s 203rd Independence Day (17/06/2019)

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  The Touring Exhibition “Waging Peace” at An Giang University in the Mekong Delta (07/09/2018)

  The Paris Agreement on Vietnam - the Door to Peace (30/08/2018)

  Children’s Artworks on the Theme of “War and Peace” (22/06/2018)

  Exhibition on Lingering Pain (22/06/2018)

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