Children’s Artworks on the Theme of “War and Peace”


Since 2000 the annual exhibition of children’s paintings and drawings on the theme of “War and Peace” has been co-organized by the War Remnants Museum and General Sciences Library of Ho Chi Minh City so as to introduce HCMC children’s talent for visual arts and their appreciation of the arts to local and foreign visitors.



Exhibition of Children’s artworks at the War Remnants Museum

The exhibition also shows the children’s sincere thoughts and feelings of war consequences, and their pure dreams of a peaceful world full of love and friendship among nations in the world. The exhibition makes some contribution into educating young generations about the necessity of fighting against wars of aggression, building and protecting a beautiful Vietnam, and saving peace and friendship for the whole world.




  Date 22/06/2018  


  Special exhibition entitled "Waging Peace - U.S. Soldiers and Veterans Who Opposed America’s War in Viet Nam (04/06/2020)


  Stories from a Pentax Honeywell H3 Camera (15/07/2019)


  Exhibition titled ‘Stories from a Camera’ to open at War Remnants Museum on July 9, marking Argentina’s 203rd Independence Day (17/06/2019)

  Exhibition titled “Finding Memories” to open on March 21, 2019, at War Remnants Museum (04/03/2019)

  The Touring Exhibition “Waging Peace” at An Giang University in the Mekong Delta (07/09/2018)

  The Paris Agreement on Vietnam - the Door to Peace (30/08/2018)

  Children’s Artworks on the Theme of “War and Peace” (22/06/2018)

  Exhibition on Lingering Pain (22/06/2018)

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