Exhibition titled ‘Stories from a Camera’ to open at War Remnants Museum on July 9, marking Argentina’s 203rd Independence Day

Ignacio Ezcurra, an Argentine journalist, was born in 1939 in San Isidro. He was best known for his coverage of the Vietnam War in the newspaper La Nación. He was reported missing in Sài Gòn on May 8, 1968. His memorabilia were returned to his family in Argentina, and among them was a camera.

His lens revealed a Viet Nam during wartime. Fifty years after his death his granddaughter Luisa and their family came to Viet Nam, and she continued to use his camera to tell more stories about this now peaceful country and its people.

To mark the 203rd Independence Day of the Argentine Republic (July 9, 2019), the War Remnants Museum and the Argentine embassy in Viet Nam are jointly organising an exhibition titled “Stories from a Camera.” The exhibition will feature 130 photos, documents and objects covering three topics:

1. Story of the camera
The Honeywell Pentax H3 was not just a tool in his profession but also reflected his views, soul and approach in reporting how the war was actually going on in Viet Nam in 1968.

Half a century later the camera accompanied his granddaughter Luisa on her journey to explore Viet Nam where the war is now a distant past. She said:

From a young age, the Honeywell Pentax H3 has always travelled with me to every corner. I knew it had partnered my grandfather to the battlefield, and returned to my family without him. For me, this camera is quite special, since it helps me recall the days that went by... We are always together and inseparable.

“‘Our family will go to Sài Gòn on the 50th anniversary of your grandfather’s death. Do you wish to go?’ my mother asked me two years ago, and perhaps that was also a question for the Pentax. Both I and the Pentax agreed. The camera was the first thing I put in my luggage. It was the Pentax that brought me to Viet Nam, which was very familiar to it, and is now the only witness to the change in life here...

Ignacio’s camera and photos taken by him and his granddaughter five decades apart tell stories through pictures about Viet Nam during war and peace.

2. Stories about Viet Nam during the war through the lens of Ignacio Ezcurra
Hugo Montero wrote in an article titled “Crónicas bajo fuego: La historia del periodista Ignacio Ezcurra” (Chronicles Under Fire: The Story of Journalist Ignacio Ezcurra) in issue No. 53 of Argentina’s Sudestada magazine in October 2006:

Ignacio said: “I will go.

Another journalist looked at him with skepticism, questioning the eagerness of the young reporter who constantly insisted on travelling to Viet Nam where the war was raging. Several tried to convince him to change his mind, but with him it was impossible. For a long time, the Vietnam War captivated him: he read, investigated and prepared for the trip.

Ignacio told his mother: “I want to go to Viet Nam. I want to see what is happening because there is something that is not like what they are saying. I want to go there and bring out the truth.

On April 24, 1968, an aircraft carried Ignacio and several American soldiers to the frontline. He was on the battlefield and took photos of battles in Viet Nam.

“I arrived in the valley in a helicopter belonging to the 9th Cavalry Regiment. It is the most modern tactical weapon of the U.S. military in Viet Nam.

When I was in Sài Gòn, a soldier named David Castanella had warned me:

- Do not go, little fellow, it is suicide. From there they return corpses. . .

Although he only worked in Viet Nam for a short time, Ignacio depicted various aspects of the Vietnam War. His photos show not only U.S. military bases and mopping-up operations, but also the life of Vietnamese people during wartime.

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3. Stories of Viet Nam at peace through the lens of Luisa Duggan
“Coming to Viet Nam was not an overnight decision, but a decision that had been made over 50 years. We came to a country where we met friendly, happy and affectionate people… Through the lens of the camera, I saw vividly what I had been uncertain about in this place. I believe that these photos clearly show my emotions… A part of ours belongs to Viet Nam, like my grandfather’s. We will come back to Viet Nam, and the lens of the camera will tell more stories about this place.
(Luisa Duggan)


Besides presenting Viet Nam at war and peace through the lens of Argentine correspondent Ignacio Ezcurra and his granddaughter Luisa two generations and 50 years apart, the “Stories from A Camera” exhibition also contributes to promoting peace, friendship and cultural exchanges between Viet Nam and Argentina.

The exhibition opens at the War Remnants Museum on July 9, 2019 and will go on until August 8.

We look forward to welcoming visitors to the exhibition.

  Date 17/06/2019  


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