Exchange programs

The War Remnants Museum has welcomed a large number of visitors, including over 70% of foreigners, 20% of domestic students; most of them have not experienced wars. It indicates that people all over the world, especially the youth, are very interested in the history of the Vietnam war, its consequences and post-war changes in Vietnam, the lives of war victims, etc. For many visitors, the information from the objects and photos displayed at the Museum has not satisfied their desire for learning. Therefore, they expect to meet war witnesses who are former political prisoners, veterans, and war victims.


The War Remnants Museum serves as a bridge to organize exchanges between visitors and war witnesses at the Museum, at the victims’ families or abroad. Participating in these exchanges, visitors have opportunities to get access to “living evidence” of crimes and consequences of the aggressive war, receive more information in an honest, objective, full and vivid way, and thereby better understand Vietnam and its people. Also, from touching stories, they can draw many lessons about the experience of living in all circumstances, the strong will to overcome difficulties, the great humanity and faithfulness, etc. On the side of the war witnesses, the visitors’ sharing, empathy, and admiration help them become more confident. Besides, they find themselves more useful in life, especially in educating the young generation about the consciousness of struggle against aggressive wars and peace protection.


Agent Orange Victims Day, August 10


- Time: ~ 03 hours (including the time to visit the Museum);

- Number of visitors: in groups from 10 to 100;

- Number of witnesses: 01 - 03 ;

- Forms: storytelling, art exchange (songs, poems, dances, etc., which were composed during the war to praise peace and homeland and couple love, etc.), experiencing life at the families of war victims (homestay), enjoying products made by war victims, exchanging and visiting some other historical sites besides the Museum (such as Củ Chi Tunnels, Rừng Sác-Cần Giơ War Zone, Côn Đảo Prison Relics, Phú Quốc Prison Relics, Hòa Bình Villages, centers of nurturing Agent Orange children, etc.)

- Visitors are required to contact the Museum at least one (01) month in advance for exchanges. 
  Date 25/05/2018  


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  Fun learning for Hoa Mai Kindergarten’s Children at the War Remnants Museum (17/12/2018)

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  Exchange programs (25/05/2018)