Fun learning for Hoa Mai Kindergarten’s Children at the War Remnants Museum

As part of the efforts to develop its public policies and convey its message of peace to younger generations, especially children, the War Remnants Museum worked with Hoa Mai Kindergarten (located at 6-8 Lương Nhữ Học Street, Ward 10, District 5, Ho Chi Minh City) to organize the “Fun Learning” program for Hoa Mai kindergarteners at the Museum’s peace education space for children, called the “White Doves” Chamber, on December 13, 2018. After a tour of the museum’s galleries and its weapon collections, the kids engaged in various activities like dressing in costumes of different peoples in the world, putting leaves on a bare tree affected by toxic chemicals, protecting marine creatures and so on. They acquired a lot of knowledge, and understood essential things for their life and study through these activities. Additionally, this was an opportunity for the Museum to partly convey its peace message to the children.





  Date 17/12/2018  


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  Fun learning for Hoa Mai Kindergarten’s Children at the War Remnants Museum (17/12/2018)

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