Crimes in Phú Quốc Prison


The “Crimes in Phú Quốc Prison” exhibition was jointly held by the War Remnants Museum and the Vietnam Liaison Committee for Former Prisoners of War from May 18 to June 30, 2009. Phú Quốc Prison under the French colonialism, and the U.S. administrations and henchmen was dubbed as “the hell on earth” because it regularly housed thousands of Vietnamese revolutionary soldiers and inflicted extremely brutal torture tricks on them.


However, Vietnamese patriotic soldiers and civilians in this penal colony bravely fought with their rivals, expressing the personality of revolutionary warriors who single-heartedly sacrificed for the sake of national liberation. The exhibition highlighted the patriotic prisoners’ fighting spirit and aspiration for peace.


Outdoor barbed-wire tiger cages were built on the sandy ground.


 Prisoners were forced to take off their clothes and starve for several days.

  Date 22/06/2018  


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