Surviving the Peace

"Surviving the Peace” is an exhibition of photos taken by British photographer Sean Sutton. The stories of bomb and mine victims in Vietnam, its neighboring countries of Laos and Cambodia, as well as Middle East and Africa countries are told in his 112 photos.


The exhibition gave visitors a chance to express their sympathy and share with pains and losses caused by bomb and mine explosions, and understand more about the value of peace, and the victims’ efforts to overcome their difficulties.

The exhibition began on February 27 and ran through April 2008.


Boys walk past a fence built out of cluster bomb units in Xieng Khouang province (Laos, 2003)
  Date 22/06/2018  


  Historic truths (26/05/2018)

  Requiem – A photo collection of the American war of aggression in Vietnam (26/05/2018)

  Vietnam – War and Peace (26/05/2018)

  Exhibition on “Agent Orange in the Vietnam War” (26/05/2018)

  War Crimes (26/05/2018)

  Agent Orange Aftermath in the U.S. War of Aggression in Vietnam (26/05/2018)

  The World Supports Vietnam in Its Resistance to U.S. Aggression (1954-1975) (26/05/2018)

  The Prison Conditions in the U.S. War of Aggression in Vietnam (26/05/2018)