Online meeting


   For years, exchanges with war witnesses has been considered a “specialty” in the peace education of the War Remnants Museum. All participants ranging from students to politicians are always deeply impressed by stories about the aftermath of war directly told by war veterans, former prisoners of war, political prisoners or witnesses.


   However, the War Remnants Museum has been facing a lot of challenges in continuing these meaningful activities amid the Covid-19 epidemic. For this reason, we are planning to experiment with online exhibitions and exchanges in a bid to fill the gap between people and transmit the messages of peace.


   Let’s wait for an online meeting which is going to take place at the soonest!


   Photos: Dr. Trần Xuân Thảo, director of the War Remnants Museum meets with Mr. Akio Mamada, director of the Southern Breeze JSC. and war victim Nguyễn Đức during a discussion on the plan for online meetings.


  Date 28/09/2020  


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