Spreading the peaceful moonlight


   The Mid-Autumn Festival is considered a festival for children but not all of them can feel the warm atmosphere in this time of reunion. Following Uncle Hồ’s teachings, that is “Young children do small things, depending on their abilities,” children of the War Remnants Museum staff members decorate lanterns beautifully before they are presented in a bid to spread love to poor children in Bến Tre Province.


   The event also drew the support of the museum’s visitors this morning, including many students at the Nguyễn Tất Thành University.


   We wish the poor children in Bến Tre in particular and Vietnamese children in general a lovely and warm Mid-Autumn Festival celebration.


  Date 28/09/2020  



  Notice : New Opening Hours (24/10/2021)


  Notice (10/10/2021)







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