Online tours at The War Remnants Museum


   The Covid-19 epidemic has posed several challenges to our museum in maintaining its activities including museum tours and exchanges with war witnesses. Thus, we have worked collaboratively with the Southern Breeze JSC. in organizing online tours and exchanges in a bid to fill the gap between people and transmit the messages of peace.


   Any groups or individuals in Viet Nam and abroad who seek to undertake these online tours, please register via the links below:


1. In Vietnamese:


2. In English:


3. In Japanese:


   What can you find from our online tours?


   By means of electronic devices, Vietnamese and international audiences can embark on meaningful and vivid online tours in which you can broaden your knowledge of the Vietnamese history and see the pain and suffering inflicted on the Vietnamese people in wartime, thereby understanding better the meaning and value of PEACE.


   Every tour takes you from 30 to 45 minutes. You are going to:


- Listen to a welcome message from our museum’s director and her brief introduction to the museum guide who will accompany the audiences during the tour.


- Explore the museum through its exhibits and related stories.


- Meet with Nguyễn Đức, a victim of Agent Orange who current resides in Hồ Chí Minh City.


- Get the messages of peace from our director.


   During the tour, the audiences can also put questions to our guides.


   Join us in these tours to broaden your historical knowledge and travel experience. Let’s not enable the Covid-19 epidemic to stop you from learning new things.




  Date 16/12/2020  


  Online tours at The War Remnants Museum (16/12/2020)

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