Application of modern technologies to museum display


   In order to approach the modern exhibition trend, and to achieve greater efficiency in its mission to convey the peace message to all people, the War Remnants Museum has adopted new display methods such as: touch screen, interactive sound, QR code. . .


   Let’s explore the innovations in the museum's display through a reportage of VTC 10.


  Date 11/09/2020  


  The War Remnants Museum celebrates the Viet Nam Cultural Heritage Day 11/23 (20/11/2020)

  Celebrates the Vietnamese Teachers’ Day 11/20 (16/11/2020)

  Online meeting (28/09/2020)

  Spreading the peaceful moonlight (28/09/2020)

  2020 Theme: Shaping Peace Together (21/09/2020)


  Application of modern technologies to museum display (11/09/2020)

  Mini game results (04/09/2020)

  The Proclamation issued by President Hồ Chí Minh (01/09/2020)

  Mini game - Giveaway on the Celebration to mark 45 years of the War Remnants Museum (26/08/2020)

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