Online tours and exchanges amid the COVID-19


   For years, museum tours and exchanges with war witnesses have been considered a “specialty” in the peace education of the War Remnants Museum.However, our museum has been facing a lot of challenges in continuing these meaningful activities amid the Covid-19 epidemic. Hence, we have worked collaboratively with the Southern Breeze JSC. in experimenting with online tours and exchanges in a bid to fill the gap between people and transmit the messages of peace.


   Let’s watch the first part of the video recording of an online tour and exchange at our museum.


   After the online tour, a Japanese audience said: “Thank you for offering this programme when I cannot come to Viet Nam due to the coronavirus epidemic. My impression today is that the quality of the video and sound is good.” Another audience said:“Regarding the Viet Nam War, I had been taught about it a couple of times at high school and university and thought that I had properly understood it. But then, when I saw the museum’s exhibits and talked to Đức, it turned out to be a quite different experience from what I had learned at school. Also, I have never been told of the correspondents who sacrificed their lives to bring the news about the Viet Nam War to their readers, so I definitely want to come to the museum and once again learn about the Viet Nam War.”.


   If you are interested in similar tours and exchanges, please contact us via our fanpage or phone numbers 028.39305587 – ext. 16 (Ms. Hoàng Dung) or 0918588819 (Ms. Anh).


  Date 10/12/2020  


  Online tours at The War Remnants Museum (16/12/2020)

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  Online tours and exchanges amid the COVID-19 (10/12/2020)

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