Mini game results




   War Remnants Museum would like to thank you and you for your interest and sharing your impression about the War Remnants Museum on the occasion of its 45th anniversary (September 4, 1975 - September 4, 2020).


   Congratulations to the 10 people whose facebook names in the list below received a pair of tickets to the war remnants museum for being the first ten (10) comments:


  1. Luke Nguyen
  2. Lan Nguyen
  3. Thanh Huyền
  4. Thien Ho
  5. Văn Lê Bình
  6. Nguyen Duy Oanh
  7. An Nguyễn
  8. Lê Phạm Kiều Huyên
  9. Nguyễn Tuyết Nhi
  10. Ngọc Lệ


   The special gift goes to Ms. Ngoc Le for her most strong impression:


“Really impressive!
I still remember the first time that I visited the museum as a first-year college
student. I have come back to this place for several times now, but it seems to me
that each visit gives me a different feeling. That place not only keeps the records
of a tragic past of the war, but also shows the great resilience of the whole
nation and above all, the hope for a world where peace and happiness forever
Let’s go there to better appreciate the present ❤ "


   Please text the War Remnants Museum to receive your gifts!


   Hope you will always love and accompany the War Remnants Museum in our journey to bring peace message to everyone!



  Date 04/09/2020  


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